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Sold! 100 pixels!

Its been a little slow this past week, but I am not letting that get me down.

Todays server traffic was 55 people visited the site.

However the rotating banner that is being shown on the TaultUnleashed network is being seen 10,000 times a day.

The first 100 pixels that were bought has had 164 clicks to date. Followed by 150 for the next one.

Now that to me is very impressive and gives me hope that if I can get the word out of how much a value the pixel ads are, they will sell more.

Sold! 100 pixels

Sold another 100 pixels today. At this rate, I will be able to retire in 27 years. That will put me at 60. So I guess so far so good.

I emailed a few friends today to try and generate some interest. We'll see.

Also I checked the server stats, and yesterday was able to get 84 people to visit the site. Not bad in my opinion for only being up a few days.

First pixels sold: 200 of them!!!

Wow, this so wonderful. I never dreamed that the pixels would sell that fast. And 200 of them to boot! I can only hope that more are on their way out.

I need to find a way to get word out there that pixels are available. Maybe I should start pestering all of my friends and family... :)

The Million Dollar Page is born - SignThePage.com

So I had this little idea the other day. I was trying to think of interesting ways to make some cash for my retirement and somehow this crazy thought entered my head: I'll try and make a million dollars, by selling 1,000,000 pixels, for $1 each.

And so 'Sign the Page' is born...

I thought, this could be something crazy enough to work! Because I think people like crazy/quirky ideas. If this captures people's imaginations and people check out the site, then the pixels on the homepage will have value - and people will buy them (to display their ads etc). That's the theory anyway. The way I see it though: I've got nothing to lose by trying. And I'm sure it'll be fun.

I do have some influence with a few friends and they have agreed to let me advertise on their sites in the form of banners to help get this started.  Many thanks go out to TaultUnleashed.com, Tucex.com, Tault.com, XUnleashed.com, Gexem.com and MMOViper.com

So anyway, I've spent the last few days building the site, registering the domain name, and working out a plan. I love making plans. And here is the result. Check out the freshly made FAQ for all the answers you'll ever need, and don't hesitate to buy some pixels!!!

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