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Sold! 400 pixels!

Well it has been a fairly quiet month, but sales still progress! There are still many, many spots left so dont wait til they are all gone! Hurry and reserve your pixels today.

Many thanks to TaultUnleashed and MMOViper for their referrals.

Be sure to click on these last 4 blocks including:Bregan.info, HalfMad, and Gexem

Sold! 1900 pixels!

Wow, today was an incredable day. 1900 Pixels sold!

I was working on a deal with www.mmoviper.com in exhange for him sending visitors my way. The end result 1800 pixels out the door.

This really made my day. Be sure to visit www.mmoviper.com and tell him that I sent ya.

Also thanks go out to bregan.info for his pixel block as well.

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