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Sold! 2000 pixels! Total of 6100 pixels sold!

It has been a couple of months, so I thought I should update and let people know how things are progressing.

Sold another 2000 pixels over the past 3 months.

I thought I would take this opportunity to give some stats for future advertisers. In the month of March, we had:

1151 Unique visitors (based on IP - down 150 from December 07)
Thanks to our affiliates, everybody's pixels where shown 583,663 times across 4 sites (Page views from server). This is down 8k from Dec! Not a bad run for the month.

The most pixel views were by far go to MMOViper at 2,590 clicks.
This just goes to show that advertising does pay off. And for a one time price, it is just hard to beat! So what are you waiting for, grab the best spots before they are all gone!

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